Losing control over YOU will cause the sociopath to lose control over themselves (and then anything is possible)

Dating a Sociopath


You will never be allowed to have your own life being with a sociopath. The sociopath is always in your life, you are never in theirs.

They lurk in the shadows of darkness, constantly monitoring every area of your life. Keeping tabs on what you do and who you speak to.

The sociopath has a need and a desire for control, that is beyond what is ‘normal’. Their need and desire for control, can create mayhem, cause trouble, turn your world upside down. While you are left with your world spinning on an axis with your head stuck in the cloud of confusion, the pull in your stomach, and your head whirring with

What the hell just happened?

Trying to rationalise ‘what just happened‘ when you are trying to figure out a sociopath, is a time wasting exercise. They will never give you the answers. It might appear…

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